Alfred Nobel: Dynamite King

Why Did Alfred Nobel Establish the Nobel Peace Prize?

    What inspired Alfred Nobel to create the Nobel Prize? There seems to be many inspirations from family to friends, to co-workers and to people enemies and t0 allies. But there are only a few logical reasons. One would be his friend Bertha von Suttner. The first time they met, Bertha von Suttner wanted to become his secretary. After Bertha got the job, she had to quit. She was going to marry Arthur von Suttner. Then they kept contact. They become very good friends with many interests in common. The main reason that she may have inspired Nobel to create the Peace Prize was because she was a pacifist. Another inspiration for Alfred Nobel could have been him being ashamed. He may have been ashamed for giving the world such a powerful destructive tool that killed so many people and had the potential to kill many more. Nobel might have thought that the world didn't give any recognition to anyone being very peaceful so he did it himself.Or maybe it was his father and what he did because his father also experimented with explosives quite a lot. Another possibility would be that he was ashamed of his brother's death when he was experimenting with Nitroglycerin in Nobel's factory with his permission. But there were still only a couple of explanations why he established the Nobel Prize.